Camaron Marlar, Cameron Weaver earn Smoky Mountain victories


It was a good night to be named Cameron(or Camaron) at Smoky Mountain Speedway. The Maryville, Tennessee track hosted a pair of $5,000-to-win feature events for the Southern All-Star Dirt Racing Series and the Steel Block Bandits Dirt Late Model Challenge.

By the end of the night, Camaron Marlar had claimed the win in the Southern All-Stars main event while Cameron Weaver stood in the Steel Block Bandits victory lane.

Camaron Marlar was the Southern All Stars winner

A total of 26 cars were signed in for competition with the Southern All Stars. By the time hot laps and qualifying had concluded, attrition had affected some of the cars intending to race so series and track officials opted to set the starting lineup for the feature solely from the results of time-trials.

Group A Qualifying Results: 1. Vic Hill(17.224), 2. Eli Beets, 3. Dakotah Knuckles, 4. Garrett Smith, 5. Cameron Weaver, 6. Austin Neely, 7. Jason Croft, 8. Shay Miller, 9. Jason Trammell, 10. Dusty Carver, 11. Josh Sneed, 12. James Kelso, 13. Craig Greer

Group B Qualifying Results: 1. Cameron Marlar(17.065), 2. Jensen Ford, 3. Michael Chilton, 4. John Blankenship, 5. David Crabtree, 6. Matt Dooley, 7. Robby Moses, 8. Terry Wolfenbarger, 9. Billy Franklin, 10. Tim Rucker, 11. Dakota Smith

Feature Re-cap: From the start of the 40-lap feature, Marlar built a relatively comfortable lead leaving Beets, Hill, Ford, Knuckles and Smith to battle it out in his wake. Smith proved to be the biggest mover among the early front runners as he climbed through the top-5 in steady progression by battling Ford, Hill and Knuckles one by one.

Marlar led by a full straightaway after 15 laps then picked his way through slower traffic for the remainder of a feature that ultimately ran caution free, The only incident of the night came when Dakota Smith spun in turn one just as the leaders were taking the checkered flag. Marlar was collected in the incident with some damage done to the right rear of his car.

Feature Finish: 1. Camaron Marlar, 2. Garrett Smith, 3. Jensen Ford, 4. Eli Beets, 5. Dakotah Knuckles, 6. Vic Hill, 7. Austin Neely, 8. Matt Dooley, 9. Cameron Weaver, 10. Robby Moses, 11. John Blankenship, 12. Billy Franklin, 13. Dusty Carver, 14. Josh Sneed, 15. Terry Wolfenbarger, 16. Craig Greer, 17. Dakota Smith, 18. Michael Chilton, 19. Jason Trammell, 20. Shay Miller, 21. Tim Rucker, 22. Jason Croft, 23. David Crabtree

Cameron Weaver won the Steel Block Bandits feature

With 37 cars on hand, the Steel Block Bandits offered a full program with qualifying, heat races and B-main action.

Group A Qualifying Results: 1. Skip Arp(17.486), 2. Mack McCarter, 3. Jed Emert, 4. Jason Manley, 5. Cody Courtney, 6. Dustin Mitchell, 7. Michael Batten, 8. Brian Strickland, 9. Cody Wright, 10. Jesse Rockett

Group B Qualifying Results: 1. Cameron Weaver(17.509), 2. Ronnie Johnson, 3. Eddie King Jr., 4. Kyle Courtney, 5. Jake Whitehead, 6. Willie Milliken, 7. Jay Sessoms, 8. Robbie Emory, 9. Brody Sharp, 10. Chase King

Heat 1 Results: 1. Jed Emert, 2. Skip Arp, 3. Russell Erwin, 4. Derrick Rankin

Heat 2 Results: 1. Mack McCarter, 2. Dustin Mitchell, 3. Jason Manley, 4. Tyler Bare

Heat 3 Results: 1. Cameron Weaver, 2. Jake Whitehead, 3. Eddie King Jr., 4. Brad Lowe

Heat 4 Results: 1. Ronnie Johnson, 2. Kyle Courtney, 3. Chase King, 4. Derick Quade

B-main 1: 1. Cody Courtney, 2. Michael Batten, 3. Jesse Rockett

B-main 2: 1. Willie Milliken, 2. Jay Sessoms, 3. Taylor Puckett

The 40-lap feature ran caution free with Weaver leading all the way.

Feature Results: 1. Cameron Weaver, 2. Russell Erwin, 3. Jed Emert, 4. Ronnie Johnson, 5. Dustin Mitchell, 6. Skip Arp, 7. Chase King, 8. Tyler Bare, 9. Kyle Courtney, 10. Mack McCarter, 11. Eddie King Jr., 12. Derrick Rankin, 13. Derick Quade, 14. Jake Whitehead, 15. Michael Batten, 16. Cody Courtney, 17. Brad Lowe, 18. Jesse Rockett, 19. Willie Milliken, 20. Brian Strickland, 21. Dan Breuer, 22. Jay Sessoms, 23. Jason Manley, 24. Taylor Puckett

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