Brian Shirley turns tables on Kyle Bronson claiming WoO win at Paducah

Brian Shirley was the WoO Late Models winner at Paducah

On Friday night at Tri-City Speedway Kyle Bronson just edged out Brian Shirley to claim a World of Outlaws CASE Construction Late Model Series win. On Saturday night at Paducah International Speedway in the third of three for the series, it was Shirley who would beat Bronson to the finish line for the victory in the World 50.

The Rocket Chassis driver from Chatam, Illinois earned $15,000 from the track located in Paducah, Kentucky in a race shown live by

A total of 28 cars were signed in for competition

Qualifying Results: 1. Kyle Bronson(15.294), 2. Cade Dillard, 3. Bobby Pierce, 4. Tanner English, 5. Gordy Gundaker, 6. Shane Clanton, 7. Chris Madden, 8. Brian Shirley, 9. David Breazeale, 10. Dennis Erb Jr.

Heat 1 Results: 1. Kyle Bronson, 2. Tanner English, 3. Nick Hoffman, 4. Dennis Erb Jr., 5. Chris Madden, 6. Logan Martin

Heat 2 Results: 1. Cade Dillard, 2. Brian Shirley, 3. Gordy Gundaker, 4. Brandon Sheppard, 5. Ryan Gustin, 6. Dylan Thompson

Heat 3 Results: 1. Bobby Pierce, 2. Shane Clanton, 3. David Breazeale, 4. Brent Larson, 5. Johnny Scott, 6. Dane Dacus

Last Chance Showdown Finish: 1. Jason Feger, 2. Hunt Gossum, 3. Kye Blight, 4. Matt Cooper

WoO Redraw Results: 1. Kyle Bronson, 2. Tanner English, 3. Bobby Pierce, 4. Cade Dillard, 5. Brian Shirley, 6. Shane Clanton

Feature Re-cap: At the start of the 50-lap feature it was Bronson who showed the way early over English, Pierce, Dillard and Shirley. English attempted a slide job on Bronson at the end of the first lap but Bronson crossed over the hold the spot. At the same time, Pierce moved in with the intention of joining the fray.

Pierce did in fact get by English on lap 4 to grab second behind Bronson. English used another slide in hopes of regaining the runner-up position but Pierce used a crossover the officially take the postion at the start/finish line.

The top-2 of Bronson and Pierce broke away from the field but their advantage was erased when English spun after contact from Cooney on lap 14 to bring out a caution.

Pierce closed in on Bronson and began to harass the leader on lap 20. He then took the lead away from Bronson on lap 21 when Bronson went high in turn two. But the action would again be slowed on lap 23 when Clanton slowed with a flat tire.

Johnny Scott also suffered a flat tire under that caution as tires looked to become and issue.

On the lap 23 restart, Shirley moved around Dillard for third. Hoffman and Erb would also pass Dillard one lap later. Dillard slowed with a flat tire on lap 27 to bring out another yellow flag.

On the lap 27 restart both Shirley and Erb passed Bronson for second and third respectively. Shirley even briefly offered a challenge for the lead. But on lap 31, Bronson would fight back when he took third from Erb. But once more, the action was slowed on lap 33 when leader Pierce slowed with a flat right rear tire. That elevated Shirley to the top spot on the leaderboard with Bronson and Erb in his wake.

Bronson moved into second on lap 34 while Madden jumped up to fourth at the same time. Madden then rose to third by passing Erb on lap 38. With less than 10 laps remaining, Hoffman moved into fourth pushing Erb back to fifth.

As the laps clicked away, Shirley and Bronson pulled away from the pack as they looked tosettle the issue among themselves. And in the end, it was Shirley who would turn the tables on Bronson and score the win.

It was Shirley’s fourth win in the World 50 and the seventh WoO feature triumph of his career.

Feature Results: 1. Brian Shirley, 2. Kyle Bronson, 3. Chris Madden, 4. Nick Hoffman, 5. Brandon Sheppard, 6. Jason Feger, 7. Dennis Erb Jr., 8. Bobby Pierce, 9. Gordy Gundaker, 10. Ryan Gustin, 11. Tanner English, 12. Cade Dillard, 13. Johnny Scott, 14. Shane Clanton, 15. David Breazeale, 16. Logan Martin, 17. Dustin Walker, 18. Kye Blight, 19. Dylan Thompson, 20. Dane Dacus, 21. Brent Larson, 22. Matt Cooper, 23. Todd Cooney, 24. Hunt Gossum

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