Breaking News: McCarter Brothers to become exclusive CVR dealer

Matt Henderson will be among those piloting CVR Race Cars in 2014.

Matt Henderson will be among those piloting CVR Race Cars in 2014. has learned that Lenoir City based chassis builder Chip Vineyard has tabbed McCarter Brothers Racing to be the exclusive dealers of his CVR brand race cars. The deal will go into effect immediately.

Along with brothers Pierce and Mack McCarter and Matt Henderson, a number of top east Tennessee drivers already use CVR cars. Riley Hickman, Adam Beeler, Chad Ogle, Mark Vineyard and Jimmy Elliott have competed in the brand in varying forms of late model racing.

The goal for the new partnership will be to put even more drivers in CVR race cars going forward.

MBR will sell each car as a rolling chassis with a body, but the buyer will supply his own engine and transmission. The plan is to sell 15-20 cars over the next year.

“We believe ours cars are held to a higher standard,” declared MBR representative and driver Matt Henderson. “And to be able to maintain that quality and the level of support that we’re able to give to each car, we want to limit the number we’ll sell so we can give the most support to all of our guys rather than a little support to a bunch of them. We want each person to be factory supported so that you know what’s on my car and what’s on the fastest cars. It’s an information sharing kind of deal where you’ll get good support. It’s hard to do that if we go out and sell 50 cars a year.”

Adam Beeler has collected multiple wins around east Tennessee while driving CVR cars.

Adam Beeler has collected multiple wins around east Tennessee while driving CVR cars.

The cars will continue to be constructed as they are now but will be sold out of the MBR shop adjacent to the 411 Motor Speedway in Seymour.

“All fabrication and such will be done at the Lenior City shop,” Henderson explained. “What will go through us is sales and support. What we have now is Chip doing all that on his own and it takes away from the program.

“Chip is kind of like a mad scientist,” Henderson added. “He just needs to be able to work on that. When we were trying to align the deal, Chip got interrupted numerous times throughout the day. It does not help the overall program at all if he’s not able to work on crucial parts of the race cars. We’ve got to get that time back in his hands so he can help make the overall product better.”

Henderson believes the experience as drivers that he and the McCarters bring to the new deal will serve the overall program well.

“There’s not a situation, between the McCarters and myself, that we haven’t put these CVR cars in,” the Lenoir City driver said. “We want to see to it that these cars make the average racer better. The three of us have driven several other types of cars, but we keep coming back home to CVR because we believe these cars are the best cars on the market.”

Henderson says that his 2014 driving efforts in the CVR machines will be focused on the Chevrolet Performance Super Late Model Series for the CT 525 engines while Mack McCarter will focus on the NeSmith Chevrolet 604 Crate Late Model Series.

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