Booger Brooks, Lucas Lee grab Saturday checkered flags at 411


The second day of the 6th annual Leftover event at 411 Motor Speedway once again brought competition in the 604 Crate Late Model division as well as in the Brucebilt Iron-Man Modified Series. After all was said and done it was Booger Brooks who came away with the Crate Late Model victory while Lucas Lee claimed the checkered flag among the Modifieds.

Booger Brooks earned $1,500 for the win

604 Crate Late Models

A total of 42 cars were signed in for competition.

Justin Williams was fastest in qualifying with a time of 15.940 seconds around the 3/8 mile clay oval to beat out Booger Brooks, Logan Roberson, Zach Sise, Ronnie Johnson, Jesse Lowe, Jason Cardwell, Mack McCarter, A.J. Hicks, Josh Henry, Brodie Sharp and Ryan King.

The top-12 from qualifying were locked into the feature through qualifying.

Trevor Sise took the win in the first B-main of the day ahead of Bryson Dennis and Logan Walls while Josh Collins scored the victory in the day’s second preliminary over Chris Chandler and Trey Bayne.

It was Greg Martin who came out ahead of Brian Kinnersley and Joey Kramer in the third B-main then Tim Clark defeated Justin Hammett and Dalton Brown in the fourth and final B-main.

At the start of the 30-lap feature Brooks took the early lead with Williams, Roberson, Zach Sise and McCarter trailing. Roberson moved by Williams to claim second on the second circuit but Williams would fight back as those two drivers engaged in a blattle that would go on for several laps until a caution flag waved on lap 5 when King and Cardwell spun.

On the lap 5 restart, Roberson finally claimed second while Zach Sise also got by Williams for third. Three laps later, Trevor Sise entered the top-5.

Brooks, who tangled with slower traffic while leading on Friday night, began lapping cars on lap 13. This time, the No. 85 was flawless as the driver picked his way through. Still, Roberson was able to close in as he looked inside of the leader on multiple occasions but was never able to make a move to wrest the top spot away.

Roberson continued to work the inside line as Brooks stayed high. In the end, Brooks would hold on to claim the win.

Booger Brooks earned a paycheck valued at $1,500 for his win,

Feature Finish: 1. Booger Brooks, 2. Logan Roberson, 3. Zach Sise, 4. Mack McCarter, 5. Josh Henry, 6. Justin Williams, 7. Trevor Sise, 8. Ronnie Johnson, 9. Jason Cardwell, 10. A.J. Hicks, 11. Brian Kinnersley, 12. Jesse Lowe, 13. Bryson Dennis, 14. Josh Collins, 15. Greg Martin, 16. Joey Kramer, 17. Trey Bayne, 18. Dalton Brown, 19. Brodie Sharp, 20. Tim Clark, 21. Logan Walls, 22. Justin Hammett, 23. Chris Chandler, 24. Ryan King

Lucas Lee made a three-wide move to take the lead


A total of 43 cars were signed in for competition.

Blake Brown was quickest in qualifying after he toured the track in 17.027 seconds to better Brandon Kinzer, Jacob Hall, Lucas Lee. Michael Asberry, Chad Ogle, Clayton Miller and Amos Bunch.

The top-8 from qualifying were locked into the feature.

Ricky Tinch grabbed the win in the first B-main of the day over Hunter Wilbanks and Brian Nantz while Ben Harmon scored the victory in the day’s second preliminary beating out K.C. Burdette and Justin Blevins.

It was Tommy Bailey who topped Ervin Vance and Robert Poole in the third B-main then Joey Cotterman defeated Jeff Parsons and Joe Freels in the fourth and final B-main.

When the green flag waved over the 25-lap feature it was Kinzer who took the early lead ahead of Lee, Asberry, Brown and Miller. Miller took fourth away from Brown on the second lap then quickly moved into a three-wide fight for second with Lee and Asberry.

A lap 7 caution bunched the field. Two laps after returning to green flag action, Miller and Asberry wrestled for the third position. Further ahead, Lee closed in to take up the battle for the lead with Kinzer.

Lee continually ran the low line while Kinzer stayed on the high side. Just behind them, Miller stuck to the low line while Asberry went high in their fight for third.

As the leaders worked through slower traffic on lap 21, Lee seized upon an opportunity and went low coming off of turn two. Going three-wide with Lee on the bottom, a slower cars in the middle and Kinzer up top, Lee emerged from that scrum with the lead as the cars entered turn three.

Over the closing laps, Lee would maintain the lead and eventually drive under the checkered flag for the win.

Lucas Lee was paid $1,200 for his efforts.

Feature Finish: 1. Lucas Lee, 2. Brandon Kinzer, 3. Michael Asberry, 4. Clayton Miller, 5. Blake Brown, 6. Amos Bunch, 7. Tommy Bailey, 8. K.C. Burdette, 9. Ricky Tinch, 10. Jacob Hall, 11. Chad Ogle, 12. Ben Harmon, 13. Brian Kuntz, 14. Ervin Vance, 15. Hunter Wilbanks, 16. Joey Cotterman, 17. Wayne James, 18. Jeff Parsons, 19. David Clark, 20. Robert Poole, 21. Justin Blevins, 22. Joe Freels


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