Ashton Winger grabs Friday night XR Super Series feature at All-Tech

Ashton Winger

Ashton Winger earned his first win for his new Florida-based team on night 1 of the Sunshine State 50 event weekend with the XR Super Series-sanctioned feature on Friday night at All-Tech Raceway.

The Rocket Chassis driver from Senoia, Georgia earned $20,000 for his win on the Lake City, Florida track in a race shown live by

This weekend will mark the end of the first season for the XR Super Series. The Saturday night feature will pay out $40,000 to its winner.

A total of 28 cars were signed in for competition










Qualifying Results: 1. Joseph Joiner(17.503), 2. Trent Ivey, 3. Tim McCreadie, 4. Payton Freeman, 5. Shane Clanton, 6. Mark Whitener, 7. Kyle Bronson, 8. Ashton Winger, 9. Brandon Overton, 10. Matt Sheppard

Heat 1 Results: 1. Payton Freeman, 2. Joseph Joiner, 3. Ryan Crane, 4. Kyle Bronson, 5. Jensen Ford, 6. Cruz Skinner

Heat 2 Results: 1. Shane Clanton, 2. Ashton Winger, 3. Trent Ivey, 4. Jonathan Davenport, 5. Cla Knight, 6. Jason Garver

Heat 3 Results: 1. Tim McCreadie, 2. Mark Whitener, 3. Brandon Overton, 4. Carson Ferguson, 5. Austin Kirkpatrick, 6. Clayton Stuckey

B-main Finish: 1. Matt Sheppard, 2. Jeff Mathews, 3. Brenden Smith, 4. Hunter Peacock 

Feature Starting Lineup: 1. Payton Freeman, 2. Shane Clanton, 3. Tim McCreadie, 4. Joseph Joiner, 5. Ashton Winger, 6. Mark Whitener, 7. Ryan Crane, 8. Trent Ivey, 9. Brandon Overton, 10. Kyle Bronson, 11. Jonathan Davenport, 12. Carson Ferguson, 13. Jensen Ford, 14. Cla Knight, 15. Austin Kirkpatrick, 16. Cruz Skinner, 17. Jason Garver, 18. Clayton Stuckey, 19. Matt Sheppard, 20. Jeff Mathews, 21. Brenden Smith, 22. Hunter Peacock, 23. Kyle Strickler, 24. Jesse Enterkin

Feature Re-cap: At the start of the 40-lap feature it was McCreadie who jumped out to the lead with Freeman, Joiner, Clanton and Winger trailing. On the second circuit it was Freeman who grabbed the lead away from McCreadie while Clanton passed Joiner for third. 

A caution for Crane slowed the action on lap 3. Whitener went to second on the restart just before another yellow flag waved on lap 4 for the slowing car of Strickler.

Whitener went to the lead on the lap 4 restart with Joiner also moving around Freeman while a hornets nest of activity was playing out further back in the top-10. Davenport began to rise through the field after breaking out of that battle. By lap 11, the No. 49 had taken third behind Whitener and Joiner.

Whitener began to work though slower traffic on lap 14 which allowed Joiner and Davenport to close.

A lap 17 yellow flag for the slowing car of Mathews stacked the field just as the leaders were working through heavy traffic. At that point, it was Whitener leading Joiner, Davenport, Winger and McCreadie.

A big move on the restart pushed McCreadie to third as Davenport fell back to fifth. Whitener began to slip away from the field just past the halfway point with Joiner and Winger giving chase. Winger took second away from Joiner on lap 27 as both closed on Whitener.

Winger went to the top spot on the leader board when he passed Whitener on lap 28. McCreadie moved to third with ten lap remaining and moved in to challenge Whitener. Joiner and Davenport battled for the fourth and fifth spots on lap 33.

McCreadie took second away from Whitener on lap 34 and quickly closed on Winger as the lead duo worked slower traffic. Once clear of the slower machines, Winger pulled away from McCreadie and his other pursuers to drive on to the checkered flag.

It was Winger’s first feature win driving for car owner Jeff Mathews.

Feature Results: 1. Ashton Winger, 2. Tim McCreadie, 3. Joseph Joiner, 4. Jonathan Davenport, 5. Mark Whitener, 6. Brandon Overton, 7. Carson Ferguson, 8. Kyle Bronson, 9. Shane Clanton, 10. Jensen Ford, 11. Matt Sheppard, 12. Austin Kirkpatrick, 13. Payton Freeman, 14. Brenden Smith, 15. Clayton Stuckey, 16. Trent Ivey, 17. Jason Garver, 18. Cruz Skinner, 19. Ryan Crane, 20. Hunter Peacock, 21. Jeff Mathews, 22. Hunter Peacock, 23. Cla Knight, 24. Kyle Strickler

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