Andy Ogle claims Crate Late Model thriller at 411


Andy Ogle drove from 12th to 1st in the feature

The Hangover event at 411 Motor Speedway featured a $1,500-to-win Crate Late Model race that proved to be a thriller. Andy Ogle charged all the way from his 12th starting spot to take the lead then held back some fierce challenges in the later stages of the race to score the win at the Seymour, Tenn. track.

Greg Huskey led the way in qualifying among the 33 cars signed in for competition when he toured the 3/8 mile clay oval in 14.392 seconds to beat out Jesse Lowe, Logan Roberson, Jason Cardwell, Trevor Sise, Jerry Green, Anthony Conley, Anthony White, Heath Alvey and Clay Coghlan.

The top-16 from time-trials were locked into the feature while Steve Holcomb and T.J. Salango won the two last chance consolation race used to set the remainder of the starting lineup for the main event.

It was Lowe who jetted to the early lead at the start of the 30-lap feature with Huskey, Cardwell and Roberson in his tire tracks. However, misfortune struck Alvey just after the completion of the first lap which brought out the first of multiple cautions.

Anthony White clipped the inside berm in the middle of turns three and four on the third lap while racing for a top-5 position. The resulting spin forced track officials to again waved he yellow flag and also sent White to the pit area for a tire change.

When the racing action resumed Roberson made a move toward the front as he passed by Cardwell to take third. That move was soon followed by Sise as he also took advantage of Cardwell in order to gain the fourth spot. Sise then moved around Roberson to wrest third away from him on lap 7.

Cardwell would bring out a caution when he slowed on the eighth circuit. Running in the top-5 proved to be difficult to maintain as just two laps later the Sise car would suffer a broken rear end which ended that team’s night prematurely.

As Lowe continued to lead, demons again struck a top-5 runner as the third running Roberson encountered suspension issues and had to fall off the pace at the race’s halfway mark. By that time, Ogle had begun to move forward. The No. 68 machine had cracked the top-5 earlier and then was elevated to third with Roberson’s retirement from the race.

The intensity picked up as the competitors contested the second half of the feature. Lap 18 saw Lowe, Huskey and Ogle go three-wide at the exit of turn 2 as they battled for the lead. One lap later Ogle took the runner-up spot away from Huskey and set his sights on the race leader.

On lap 22 Ogle passed by Lowe to grab the top spot. However, Lowe would fight back and regain the lead on lap 22. Ogle then charged back to the front on lap 23.

For the next several laps the top-4 of Ogle, Lowe, Huskey and White ran in tight formation around the track. On lap 26 the second running Lowe spun in turn one to bring out a caution. Emergency personnel had to come to the scene to assist the driver as his arm had become wedged between the seat and the car’s body but he eventually emerged under his own power.

Over the remaining laps Ogle held his challengers back and went on to sail under the checkered flag for the win.

Feature Finish: 1. Andy Ogle, 2. Greg Huskey, 3. Anthony White, 4. Charles Bowie, 5. Jason Cardwell, 6. Chase Walls, 7. Blake Cratt, 8. Jerry Green, 9. Walker Arthur, 10. Jim Couch, 11. Kenny Ford, 12. Jesse Lowe, 13. Shane Bailey, 14. Logan Roberson, 15. Trevor Sise, 16. Terry Poore, 17. Clay Coghlan, 18. Anthony Conley, 19. T.J. Salango, 20. Steve Holcomb, 21. Drew Kennedy, 22. Wesley Brummett, 23. Heath Alvey, 24. Jeff Neubert


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