Quick Six: The future and the past


In the latest edition of the Quick Six blog, we take a look at some current issues that are about the future of the sport as well as some lingering past issues.

  1. With the decision of Mark Douglas to shut down his family-owned race team, everyone within the sport needs to notice how many others have also quit racing or cut down their racing just within the past year.
  2. Racetracks continuing to hold practice nights the night before a big race is doing a disservice to its fans and drivers. Most of these tracks cannot get the track race ready for the second night causing train racing. This is not fair to the fans paying $25+ for tickets and drivers that spend all that money just to play follow-the-leader.
  3. Once again, the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series can draw lots of fans regardless of circumstances. The huge crowd at Tazewell Speedway on a working Sunday night is more proof of that.
  4. The unification of the rules for the street stock/modified street class was seen as a positive when first introduced. Car counts are remaining low which leads to the opinion that more needs to be done to keep this class going.
  5. There are still some racetracks and series that are lagging way behind in engaging in social media. These are the same ones that also typically don’t produce race stories/results until Mondays or Tuesdays.
  6. The new movie “Champion” is less about dirt racing and more about life. It has a great message for both off and on the track that everyone in the sport should see.

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