Quick Six: Taking Care of Business


The latest edition of the Quick Six blog looks at how fans and tracks can do a better job of taking care of business (with apologies to BTO).

  1. Fans that complain about getting cheated on ticket refunds on rescheduled races should read the signs at nearly every race track in the country. Most of them have signs that say “no refunds.” The best protection a fan can have is to hold out as long as possible on buying a ticket if the weather looks questionable.
  2. As hard as it is today for tracks to have a regular track photographer, they should do all they can to take care of that photographer. Two easy steps are to help promote the photographer in as many ways as possible and not to promote “visting” photographers.
  3. With today’s modern technology, tracks should consider investing in a Wi-Fi system for their fans and competitors to use on race nights. If fans or race teams are sharing their experiences on social media, maybe other friends will be more inclined to come to the racetrack. Cell service at most dirt tracks is poor and limited.
  4. Often, there are complaints about the restroom facilities at many tracks. Fans could do a better job of taking care of those facilities when they visit them.
  5. Dust continues to be a problem at some tracks that do not keep staging areas watered. It annoys fans when it blows into the stands and deters new fans from coming back.
  6. The notion that social media keeps fans at home is nonsense. It’s a good way to follow the action throughout the night for those that are unable to attend. Even though the quality is typically poor, doing “live” broadcasts without permission should not be encouraged.

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