Quick Six: Hot topics during the hot time of the year


In the newest edition of the Quick Six blog, we look at some hot topics as the heat of summer cranks up.

  1. With recent incidents of cars getting into fencing, track owners need to examine if their fencing is adequete to keep cars from breaking through or keep fans a safe distance away from the fencing.
  2. All aspiring track announcers, and even some current announcers, should use Lucas Oil Speedway announcer Trenton Berry as someone to model their craft. Berry is very knowledgeable, well-spoken, and doesn’t have to yell to make an exciting call to a race.
  3. The title chase in the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series may finally be heating up as Josh Richards as clicked off several wins in recent weeks and Scott Bloomquist appears to have solved his woes.
  4. Tracks that do nothing special for children at their races are missing out on a golden opportunity. Kids will ask their parents to come to the races more often thus potentially increasing ticket sales.
  5. The title chase for this year’s Southern Nationals looks to be as hot as the weather going into the final week.
  6. Any one that prints off photos without the permission of the photographer is a thief. It’s becoming a serious problem, as well as copying an image off a web site and sending it to someone else claiming the picture is theirs.

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