Live Updates: Southern Nationals Bonus Series at Smoky Mountain(9-23-17)

Facebooktwitter will be providing live updates from Southern Nationals Bonus Series/Iron-Man race from Smoky Mountain Speedway Maryville, TN for Saturday, September 23, 2017. Today’s updates are being provided by Richard Allen( @RichardAllenIDR on Twitter).

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To follow along, simply scroll down and look under each heading for that particular class. Also, refresh the page frequently as new information will be added often.

Classes in action: Super Late Models for $5,000-to-win(40 laps), Open Wheel Modifieds for $1,500-to-win and Sportsman for $1,000-to-win.

*These updates will focus primarily on the Super Late Models with other updates provided as timing of events allows.

General Information: Drivers meeting is set for 6:00pm.

Weather is expected to be warm and clear.

Donald McIntosh currently leads the Southern Nationals Bonus Series standings over David Payne and Joey Standridge.

Carder Miller leads the Iron-Man Late Model Series over Joey Standridge and Levi Ashby.

Shon Flanary and Blake Brown are involved in a tight points battle on the Iron-Man Modified Series.

6:37- Final track prep and hot laps for all classes underway.

Photos: I often post pictures on my @RichardAllenIDR Twitter account if you would like to take a look.

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Live Updates:

Super Late Models

Car Count: 26 cars

Drivers Expected: 1A- Levi Ashby, 1c- Kenny Collins, 1G- Ryan King, 3- Steve Smith, H3- Kayne Hickman, 3x- Bo Eaton, 4- Brian Ligon, 4T- Tommy Kerr, c5- David Crabtree, 05- James Roulette, 7- Donald McIntosh, 7G- Travis Greer,  8- David Payne, 11B- Stacy Boles, 17R- Brad Skinner, 24- Phil Helton, 31- Kenny Cobble, 41- T.J. Reaid, 47- Tim Rucker, 53- Ray Cook, 56- Joey Standridge, 69- Carder Miller, 86- Jeff Neubert, 88- Skylar Marlar, 97- Bobby Giffin, 201- Billy Ogle, Jr.

*Driver list is incomplete and unofficial until after the drivers meeting.

Qualifying Results: Cars will be broken into two qualifying groups with the top-2 from each locked into the feature.

Group A Results- 1. Reaid(15.876), 2. Kerr

Group B Results- 1. McIntosh (16.106), 2. Cook

Heat Race Results: There will be two heat races with the top-8 from each transferring to the feature.

Heat 1 Finish- 1. Boles, 2. Skinner, 3. Smith, 4. Roulette, 5. Giffin, 6. Neubert, 7. Standridge, 8. Hickman

Heat 2 Finish- 1. B Ogle,  2. Collins, 3. Marlar, 4. King, 5. Miller, 6. Payne, 7. Ligon, 8. Crabtree

Feature Notes:

Feature Lineup- 1. Reaid, 2. McIntosh, 3. Kerr, 4. Cook, 5. Boles, 6. Ogle, 7. Skinner, 8. Collins, 9. Smith, 10. Marlar, 11. Roulette, 12. King, 13. Giffin, 14. Miller, 15. Neubert, 16. Payne, 17. Standridge, 18. Ligon, 19. Hickman, 20. Crabtree

8:55- Feature rolling out.

McIntosh was pushed to the pit area before pace laps began. Crew members are looking under the hood.

9:06- Four wide!

9:09- Green flag! McIntosh unable to start.

Caution just after lap 1 for crash. King spun and bounced off the turn 1 wall. Roulette, Crabtree, Standridge, Greer, Collins, Smith among those collected. King, Roulette, Crabtree, Collins, Greer are out of the race.

McIntosh is rolling out onto the track. Scoreboard says no laps were completed. Looks like he will start at the rear.

Lap 12 caution for Smith slow on track. Cook leads but was under heavy pressure from Reaid. Kerr, Marlar, Ogle follow the top-2.

Lap 30- Cook leads Reaid, Kerr, McIntosh, Marlar.

A great race as the top-4 were tight over the final 10 laps. Reaid got around Cook in traffic on lap 36. Kerr got around Cook one lap later. McIntosh charged up to fourth from the rear after those early troubles.

Feature Results: 1. Reaid, 2. Kerr, 3. Cook, 4. McIntosh, 5. Marlar, 6. Skinner, 7. Ogle, 8. Boles, 9. Miller, 10. Payne


Car Count: 10 cars

Qualifying Results: 1. Shon Flanary (18.134), 2. Jimmy Payne, 3. Blake Brown, 4. Brad Hall, 5. Joey Cotterman, 6. Kenny Cordell, 7. Wayne James, 8. Stephen Fox, 9. Paul Shead

Feature Results: 1. Flanary, 2. Payne, 3. Brown, 4. Hall, 5. Cotterman

*Payne took the early lead but Flanary got by with 5 laps to go.


Car Count: 10 cars

Qualifying Results: 1. Jed Emert (17.332), 2. Kyle Courtney, 3. Andy Ogle, 4. Jerry Moss, 5. Matt Steward, 6. Ray Walls, 7. Ted Lowe, 8. James Kelso, 9. Jake Whitehead, 10. Nick Kniat

Feature Results: 1. Emert, 2. Courtney, 3. Ogle, 4. Steward, 5. Walls

*Feature ran caution free.

Donald McIntosh currently leads the SoNats Bonus Series standings


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